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  Date Name Feedback
1. 10/31/2021 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

After last two years of feeling totally “boxed in” due to the pandemic, NASKA’s Kali Puja held yesterday (Oct 30, 2021) brought in much needed fresh air and hope in our lives. The event was greatly received by us and all. Bhog and dinner distribution and preparation were heavenly. We got the opportunity to see and talk to many friends, very young to just young or otherwise. It was great to see so many children in the crowd. All around, we sensed the fresh ideas. As usual, in the hands of Animesh and his great helpers, the magazine again came out truly as another wonderful “arm” of NASKA. The layout is fantastic. We loved the literary content. Ankur’s cover design is out of this world. The color combination is so imaginative, creative and bold. Clearly much hard work and planning have gone into every detail. Nothing was left to chances! Kudos to all (including Girija, Nirupam, Sanchita, Arindam, … many more). Thank you, thank you, and thank you, NASKA. We will eagerly wait to see you all next year. Nitis and Mahua Mukhopadhyay October 31, 2021

2. 10/23/2019 Sikha Guha

Very well organized. Would like to be a part of it next year. Everything was wonderful and amazing. Enjoyed every bit of it. All the organizers were so humble. Coming from the west coast, found a lot of difference. You are the best. Starting from the decoration till the very end of the Anupam concert everything was wonderful. It takes a lot of effort. Congratulations to the team.

3. 10/20/2019 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

The 10th anniversary of NASKA’s Kali Puja celebration was outstanding. Congratulations to Nirupam, Sanchita, Animesh and all other office bearers and friends within NASKA’s administration. The MANDAP decoration was in a word, splendid-aesthetic-pretty … (oh, that’s more than one word, but I used hyphens!). This kind of delicate creation could only be undertaken under the leadership of Girija … I love his pure artistic sense and his total dedication to surpass the top. I clearly saw Dakshineswar Temple there and no doubt others felt the same. The third dimension came out vividly. It reminded me of Gaganendranath, the true master of all masters in Indian art, who originally created this kind of illusion of a third dimension in Indian painting. Girija’s eyes to details were truly masterful. Thanks to Girija and his whole team for the lovely and intricately poised and perfect décor. It was not loud … it was not supposed to be … congratulations, Girija. Food was absolutely delicious. Fantastic preparations! Thanks to all the chefs and their helpers. I do not know how you all managed to cook fish for so many attendees, but all I will say is: Thank you for taking the time. It showed your total pride and that you all cared. All the “children”-helpers had been so kind and dedicated … thanks to all. NASKA is certainly in the good hands of the wonderful “children”. The magazine has been great … Animesh’s standard is just so high. The musical evening filled the whole auditorium. I never heard Anupam Roy before this exposure to his music. He knew how to capture the audience. It was a great success. I missed one item for the soul … In the past, as we walked inside the Kali-puja-venue, we could hear continuous play-back of Pannalal’s Shyamasangeet in the hallways and cafeteria throughout the evening. That kept us busy in our own minds. It was missing this time. Please bring that tradition back, especially for an old-timer such as myself (and perhaps many others) who likes to reminisce and still adores Pannalal’s Gharana of Shyamasangeet. This is absolutely not a complaint of kind … it’s rather my humble request especially since “Kali-puja” and “Pannalal” traditionally complement each other. Cheers to all! Nitis Mukhopadhyay October 20, 2019

4. 11/4/2018 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

2018- Congratulations to all the extraordinarily humble NASKA organizers and friends (too many to name) for giving us yet another triumphant celebration of Kalipuja on Nov 3, 2018. NASKA cares about those who come to enjoy. That shows in its humility expressed in everything it displays. Bravo! Everything (puja, prosad, dinner, adda, …) was just perfect. The Bangla band, Chandrabindu, gave such a greatconcert! Wow! As usual, the magazine showed total devotion to “class” and TLC from Animesh. The patachitra on the cover was a thrill for us to enjoy. Thanks to Ms. Sangeeta Ray. She adopted this old classical style and brought it back to the front cover. Very touching and superb! We will eagerly wait for the 10 years anniversary of everyone’s Kalipuja celebration in 2019 in Connecticut. In the meantime, we wish everyone associated with NASKA, directly or indirectly, a great year ahead with good health and infinite happiness all around. Cheers, Nitis & Mahua Mukhopadhyay

5. 10/15/2017 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

2017 – Another fantastic Kali Puja celebration under the auspices of my beloved NASKA. The whole endeavor was filled with great friendly ambience. Food was great too.
As usual, the souvenir magazine came out superb. Thanks a bunch to Animesh and his hard-working helpers. It is wonderful to see that good literary pieces keep appearing year after year, especially from young writers. All young writers did such a great job.
Personally, we missed Animesh's writing this time around. We know he was busy. Next year, we will wait to read some literary piece(s) from him.
The cultural program was superb. Rupankar clearly captured the audience. We enjoyed great pieces of meaningful lyrics in Bengali and their effortless renditions that ran nearly two and half hours! We were amazed by the fact that Rupankar mixed the style of jazz in so many of his songs seemingly in a seamless fashion. He has been unique in his style.
Rupankar's rendition of Tagore song, emono dine tare bola jaye, without any accompaniment was truly fantastic. We enjoyed the subtle mastery. His full-throated emotion came through and he did not overdo anything. It was just perfect. Thanks to Rupankar.
It was a delightful evening indeed for another reason: Nearly pin-drop silence from the packed audience (more than 500?) proved one more time that there are many friends in our own neighborhoods in Greater Hartford Area who feel fully entertained with serious contemporary Bengali music without any blending of so-called "Jhin-Chak" stuff. Thanks to all office-bearers within NASKA for bravely defying the "market trend" and then siding with the "classics" when it comes to holding up the contemporary Bengali music. It's a tough thing to do against so many odds. NASKA, you did it last year. You have done so again this year. Bravo and cheers to NASKA,

Nitis & Mahua Mukhopadhyay

6. 10/31/2016 Paulami Barua Ray

Three cheers to you NASKA CT, for such an awesome evening!! Everything was so perfect..the Puja, the dinner and of course, the electrifying performances. Really appreciate the effort and hard work everyone put into this. Thank you!!!

7. 10/30/2016 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

In the past, every Kali Puja had been wonderfully organized. But, 2016 Kali Puja has been so special in every respect. It was an amazing experience to attend this year’s great celebration. The Puja itself was divine as it should have been. The sincere and genuine warmth of every volunteer showed in every part of every methodical implementation of many details. Nothing, nothing, was left to chance … the effort and preplanning showed.

Food has always been a major part of such a large gathering of friends. This year's food, presentation, and quality everything was so fantastic. All volunteers were so kind, diligent and always smiling that made the best ever dinner even better. Kudos to all. Congratulations.

Shovon's musical program was just superb. His mastery showed from the first note to the last. Mahua and I thoroughly enjoyed Shovon's performance. He knew how to attract the audience's attention. Live accompaniments uplifted Shovon’s renditions. Keka also gave an admirable performance. She did her best.

This year's magazine cover is truly special. The young artist's painting used on the cover is clearly outside the box. What a wonderful concept with such beautiful artistry that came from this young mind. The magazine itself has a wealth of excellent literary and artistic pieces. Special thanks go to Animesh and others for showing such unfailing dedication year-after-year. The magazine gives everyone, both young and experienced, a chance to showcase his/her true love toward finer traditions of our heritage. I feel proud that Animesh puts so much energy in editing the magazine of such superb quality. The magazine gives me personally an opportunity to share my own thoughts too in black and white. Many thanks. I do feel good knowing that I am in the company of so many enthusiastic contributors from our region and far.

Again, congratulations and thanks to NASKA. It warms everyone’s heart and soul. Best wishes for the best of health and happiness for all. May great dreams come true for all.

Nitis Mukhopadhyay

8. 10/30/2014 Shyamali Chakravarti

No complain. did a wonderful job. we all had a great time.


Mahua and I thoroughly enjoyed Kali Puja festivities 2014. It was clear to us that every detail was addressed with tender loving care so that such a huge undertaking could run so seamlessly. It did not happen by chance! It was a big task and NASKA organizers came through wonderfully. The food was great and plentiful.

The souvenir magazine looks and reads just great ... fantastic layout ... fantastic literary and artistic pieces. My special thanks to Animesh for editing the souvenir again this year. He always does a super job of editing. I remain grateful.

The musical program was delightful ... Mahua and I especially liked Kinjal's performance ... so young and yet Kinjal could carry the big audience. He has a great future ahead as long as he stays humble.

In the end, let me congratulate all office-bearers of NASKA for their selfless dedication and love. In everything NASKA does, that genuine dedication and love show!

10. 10/29/2014 Sohini Tathagata Dutta

It was a wonderful experience. Excellent arrangements and we were delighted by the courteous behavior of the hosts and volunteers there. We heartily enjoyed the puja and are so glad to be part of it

11. 10/29/2014 Anand Banerjee

Excellent Organization...enjoyed every bit of it. Understand about food shortage, but it happens. Choice of Kinjal was superb.Amazing artist. Looking forward to enjoy for many more years to come!..Kudos to NASKA!

12. 11/18/2012 JAYANTA NANDI

The Best Kali Puja I've ever seen in USA. Very Well Arranged,Puja performed in all ritual way, Dinner, Prasad is of very good quality and well distributed. Organizers are very Open, lively and heartily welcome all guests. Arnab's programs is also very good except the initial issue with sound quality. In all respect this is a Great Puja. We enjoyed to the fullest extent, looking forward for the next year. Expect they will also organize the Durga Puja as well with this large Begali Community in Hartford area.

13. 11/4/2011 Atanu Bose

Good Puja arrangements and we had a good family gathering despite the inclement weather. Enjoyed a lot !! Will look forward to next year

14. 10/31/2011 Srividya Sriram

Many thanks for Kalipuja 2011 initiative. It was very well organized and managed from aspects. Seeing so many people turning up in spite of the severe weather condition speaks all about it.

15. 9/30/2011 Anonymous

NASKA tomader jobab nei. I am in this country for many decades. I have seen many Pujas startup, develops and grows gradually but never seen a organization like NASKA, so organized and well lead by group of passionate folks supported by talents of all area, in the very first year you were able to bring such a large group of Kali devotee. I also liked your concept of sponsorship. I wish you have more sucess this year and more people join the Puja. May Maa Kali Bless you all.

16. 5/19/2011 Samir Podder And Swagata Podder

We would like to sponsor $250 for the item "Snacks + Beverages + Kitchenware"

Samir & Swagata Podder

17. 1/19/2011 Jaydip Roy


18. 11/15/2010 Arpita Bhattacharya

Very nice arrangement and the puja was real a good one. It has taken us down the memory lane...we had experienced the real flavour of Kolkata. The presentation of the idol and ambience is worth mentioning..
Food arrangement was good. Only suggestions would be to put more number of tables so that people can enjoy prasad and dinner in a relaxed mood. There was quite a lot of expectation from the entertainment standpoint. Expecting to see some good dance/drama.

Thanks for organizing such a beautiful puja.. A real good job....Kudos to all!!!

Kudos to Kidos for their writings/drawings in the magazine.

19. 11/15/2010 Swetha Pasupulate

My sister who accompanied me from New Jersey and I thoroughly enjoyed the Kalipuja. Food and Crowd management was well balanced. My hats off to the people involved in organizing this massive event.

More of Hindi songs in the cultural program would have been an icing on the cake.

To sum it up it was a incredible event. My family would be a sure shot for next year's event.

20. 11/13/2010 Uday Tandon

Thanks to the organisers for making us attend such an elaborate Maa Kali puja. We were not expecting it to be so thorough that too outside India. I could feel lot of dedication and energy of everyone involved to make this maiden event memorable. We'll look forward to attend the puja next year as well.

21. 11/12/2010 Neal

VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!! We children finally got enough room to play and be able to play!!!!! I hope next year will be even better!!!

22. 11/11/2010 Dipak Ghosh

I want to congratulate NASKA for the superb job they did in organizing the pooja. I was particularly impressed with the way the pooja was performed with sincerity and devotion.

To the organizers, I salute your for demonstrating that a team, that rises above petty matters, works shoulder to shoulder selflessly, can achieve anything. On a personal note, it was particularly gratifying to observe my younger brothers in the community working so well as a cohesive team, not to mention their organizational skills. All the best on the future endeavor of the team.

23. 11/10/2010 Sutapan Pal

First of all my thanks to the entire NASKA organizing committee for organizing such a nice kali Puja. That was a flawless event. I am very much pleased to see such a organized event.All the best for 2011.
NASKA Rocks!!!

24. 11/10/2010 Atanu Bose

Everything was good expect the duet songs...lady singer was somehow okay considering the free show concept. Duet killed the show :(
Maa Idol Kali idol was really beautiful.

25. 11/10/2010 P Roy

should have been liberal with goat meat !
the cultural program was not up to the mark...needed more variation.

26. 11/10/2010 Vinay Thakur

It was great event, very well organized, kids also enjoyed it. Please include multilingual entertainment program if possible. Organizing comity deserves big applause for their efforts. Thanks

27. 11/10/2010 Subhadeep Datta

It was very good and I am looking forward to the Kali Puja in 2011

28. 11/9/2010 Avishek Dutta

The puja arrangements were really good. The food was average but the worst part was the cultural program. Looking forward to a great puja next year. Thanks!

29. 11/8/2010 Ashok Chakraborty

Message for the Naskians, by the Naskian and of the Naskians,

What a great spectacular crowd which was unbelievable initially, and handled in a very professional manner but with heartiest welcoming address, in one word a very successful program that could have been rarely seen now-a-days in surroundings. To make it more complete with high success rate, just take care on food items and in arranging a good entertaining program.

Thanks and Congratulations again.

Ashok/Krishna Chakraborty

30. 11/8/2010 Gouri Chatterjee

It was such a wonderful event/puja we all had, jabab nei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot to everyone for co-ordinating each and every bit of the grand event.
Thanks Nirupam for the pictures. excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bhalo theko sabai

31. 11/8/2010 Nitis Mukhopadhyay

My Dear Animesh:
First, I must congratulate you for editing such a great magazine in celebration of Kali Puja. I feel amazed and distinctly proud of you because you have produced such a super magazine. You are obviously a do-er and not a talk-er. It is clear that you have this special and rare skill, energy, and vision to handle such important matters and I feel so very honored to see you do this for our community. You have included materials from so many children ... that's simply awesome. I know how hard that is to accomplish. Again, thanks and please keep up the good work, just for fun, if for nothing else. I will cherish it especially because you have included my little contribution. I feel like a small kid again! I wish I could be as smart and sharp as a small kid all over again! Happy Diwali wishes and have lots of fun. Love,

32. 11/7/2010 Samiran Ghosh

Kali puja was super hit. I am eager to participate next year more actively. It takes lot of hard work to organize such a grand event and all of you should get special kudos for that.
asche bcahar abar habe ...:-)

33. 11/7/2010 Paramita Majumder

We had a lovely evening celebrating kalipuja.....for not even a moment i felt that i was far away from home....the atmosphere, deity, people and everything else was just so perfect. May be we can try and put up some of our own performances from next year given to understand that we have some really talented people both young and old amongst us....had a wonderful evening.

34. 11/7/2010 Dipak Dey

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for organizing such a great and successful Kali Pujo. This is the most successful event, arranged by Bengalees, I have ever attended. You guys have really spent on every details. The web design is also fantastic. It was a great collaborative work.
I wish, I could help you more. I will have my complete support for the next year's Kali pujo.
Thank you again for such a great leadership. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,
Dipak / Dipak da