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                  Kalipuja 2020 - Saturday, November 14th

Kalipuja in Connecticut


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Feedback Received

2017 – Another fantastic Kali Puja celebration under the auspices of my beloved NASKA. The whole endeavor was filled with great friendly ambience. Food was great too.
As usual, the souvenir magazine came out superb. Thanks a bunch to Animesh and his hard-working helpers. It is wonderful to see that good literary pieces keep appearing year after year, especially from young writers. All young writers did such a great job.
Personally, we missed Animesh's writing this time around. We know he was busy. Next year, we will wait to read some literary piece(s) from him.
The cultural program was superb. Rupankar clearly captured the audience. We enjoyed great pieces of meaningful lyrics in Bengali and their effortless renditions that ran nearly two and half hours! We were amazed by the fact that Rupankar mixed the style of jazz in so many of his songs seemingly in a seamless fashion. He has been unique in his style.
Rupankar's rendition of Tagore song, emono dine tare bola jaye, without any accompaniment was truly fantastic. We enjoyed the subtle mastery. His full-throated emotion came through and he did not overdo anything. It was just perfect. Thanks to Rupankar.
It was a delightful evening indeed for another reason: Nearly pin-drop silence from the packed audience (more than 500?) proved one more time that there are many friends in our own neighborhoods in Greater Hartford Area who feel fully entertained with serious contemporary Bengali music without any blending of so-called "Jhin-Chak" stuff. Thanks to all office-bearers within NASKA for bravely defying the "market trend" and then siding with the "classics" when it comes to holding up the contemporary Bengali music. It's a tough thing to do against so many odds. NASKA, you did it last year. You have done so again this year. Bravo and cheers to NASKA,

Nitis & Mahua Mukhopadhyay

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Kalipuja 2020

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We will continue our plan for a very scaled-down version of Kalipuja in accordance with our state-mandated rules, regulations, and safety guidelines.

Date of Puja Event: Saturday, Nov 14, 2020

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Anjali: 4:30 PM on Saturday 11/14/2020

Anwesshaa Virual Live: 11:00 AM on Sunday 11/15/2020
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Please send Names and Gotra in an email with subject line "Puja Offering Request" to naskact@gmail.com if you are interested in offering personal puja to Ma Kali during the worship
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